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Congratulations to eeveetales for winning the NiGHTS into Dreams 18th Anniversary giveaway!  

Sorry, but I just gotta say this: Not only is this like, a really cool blog, but the fact that something like this gets a lot of asks, despite it not being as mainstream as Sonic warms my heart. You rock, you friggin' rock. (.◜ω◝.)

Aww, thanks!  I’m glad you enjoy the blog =)  I think it’s really great, too, that this blog still gets a lot of questions and has a lot of active followers!  You are all really awesome, too! - Mayurasan

A giveaway for NiGHTS into Dreams 18th Anniversary!


  • You may only participate if you are following this account (ask-thenightmarens).
  • You may like and reblog this post once to enter. 
  • I will use a random number generator to select the winner.
  • The contest will run from July 5 - July 9th. 
  • You must be ok with giving me your address so I can send the postcard and magnets to you.  I will ship internationally!
  • You must have your ask box open during this time.  If I send you an ask stating that you’ve won, you have 3 days to reply to me or I will choose another winner.  The ask will come from my personal account (mayurasan).


The prize is 4 magnets and 1 postcard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  Thank you and good luck! 

Happy 18th Birthday, NiGHTS!

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((And that’s it for the video game month!  Thanks everyone for sending in your suggestions.  Hope you enjoyed it!))